Resettlement Solution
Registered with Government of AUSTRALIA

second citizenship by investment Grenada

Get a second passport in 3-4 months by investing in Grenada. Our Registered offices in Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi India & Saudi can help you get a second passport or citizenship

Program Overview
Passport in 3-4 Months
Investment Starting from $ 250,000 (for Single person) & $300,000 for a family of 4
Can include dependents
No min Level of English
120 Visa free Countries (including European Countries, UK & China)

Benefits of Citizenship Citizenship / passport for life
Fastest turnaround time (passport in 60 days)
Well-reputed passport – easy to obtain visa for many countries
Low Tax Regime
No minimum stay required in the country
Dual Nationality Allowed
Open to most nationalities

Business Haven - Low Tax Regime, Prudent with your privacy & Confidentiality
No Wealth, Gift, Inheritance, Foreign Income or Capital Gains Tax
No Personal Income tax
Complete discretion with respect to citizenship, ensuring that one’s citizenship status is not reported to third parties
Generous incentive packages including corporate tax incentives, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits and export allowance
Currency pegged to US Dollar
Duty Free Trading in Caribbean