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To apply for Australian Immigration - skill based GSM Visa the first & foremost step is to get your Education Assessment Done. In almost all cases the assessment bodies will require you to have post secondary diploma or degree or trade qualification with combination of post or pre secondary experience in a rare scenario no experience. After receiving positive skill assessment you will be eligible to submit your application with DIBP and enter into skill select pool.

You can nominate only one occupation while applying with DIBP & you will not able to change your occupation once you are invited or once you receive an invitation from Department of immigration and border protection Australia. To Nominate and select an occupation is hard nut to crack this is where Resettlement Solution experts will be guiding & advising you the best ANZSCO code as per your experience & education. There are other various other factors we need to keep in mind before we carefully choose our ANZSCO Code like States Sponsoring your occupation SOL or CSOL.

Happy to help - get in touch with our team of expert immigration advisors to know more about your assessment body and qualifying criteria.

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