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10 questions to ask

consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL)

These 10 questions have been devised upon the market analysis and personal experience by our experts to protect immigration clients against imposter agents. in Australia and for Canada must reflect their registration status

A client has right to communicate with their agent to understand the services provided by them, what are their contacts in australia and canada, and how agents can help them out after landing to the destination .

 Unlike the other companies in market, we have real time knowledge and experience with life style and way of life in Australia and canada, we can guide you and your family members with our own practice experience, unlike the others in market, who read information off the internet and cheat people.

Our office presence in Australia, can benefit you in a number of ways, for example we can help our clients open bank accounts even before they land in Australia, so that they can transfer their money without any hassles.

 1. Are you registered with Government of Australia and Canada?(MARA or ICCRC) and What is your Canadian or Australian license registration number?

Every Country has in place a licensing system, to protect immigration clients (that is you). If you are dealing with a non-registered agent, chances are that they will lie to you or run away with your money.

A few companies claim to have tie-up with registered agents overseas. These tie up should be visible on the government websites. (for example in Australia and for Canada.)

You can also call the local embassy to check if your migration agent is registered with them or not.

You should know the license or registration number of your agent or your representative. If your agent doesn't have this number, they will not represent your case, but rather file your case directly under your name. Which means you are filling your case yourself.

Resettlement Solution is registered with MARA in Australia and ICCRC for Canada. Resettlement Solution will always represent your case to the concerned government department. Which means your name will come under the company's or agent's name. Every step is taken to make sure your file is lodged without any errors, because a refusal is considered as a let down on agent profile as well.

License Number for MARA:: 0962183
License Number for ICCRC:: R514175

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 2. Can i talk or correspond directly with the registered agent?

If you are paying someone to represent your case, it is your right to communicate directly with that agent, to avoid any communication gaps, if your agent is making excuses in providing you the agent's details, you are better off not hiring an agent.

A large number of refusals are because the agent could not understand the trans country documentations and cultural differences. So you need to hire someone locally present in your city where you can sit and explain your situation.

Yes, In Resettlement solution you can always discuss your profile with the registered agent. On a contrary, the initial assessment is done by the migration agent himself, the case filing is done under his supervision and he puts his physical signature on each case he represents.

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  3. How many visas we can see under your representation?

This is a common practice, with unregistered agents to operate for a short duration and then run away with client's money. The best way to check the agent's genuineness is to ask them the success stories they have. When did they get the first visa and check if they represented the same visa or client to department of immigration. (Their name should be on grant letter)

Our facebook page shows our success stories varying from visa grant to positive skill assessment with our company's name and agent's name clearly mentioned on the grants/assessments.

If you walk-in to our branch we can show you visa grants as old as 10 years.
Find Our facebooks Pages:

For Kuwait ::

For Qatar ::

For Saudi Arabia::

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 4. What are your contact details in Canada or Australia?

It's a usual trend in the market that every company is claiming to get clients a job in Canada or Australia. You have the right to ask for what jobs they have available and can you cross verify them?

In order to get you a job in these countries, these unregistered agents need to be physical present or have associates in the destination country. Cross verify the job claims and the associates overseas (if they fake or for real). Ask for phone numbers where you can contact them

We have our own offices in Canada and Australia. Because unlike the competitors we are from these countries and have easy access to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our offices in Australia and Canada::

Australia CANADA
Suit-3, level-1, Greenway Plaza, 220 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW, Australia. 2150. Mobile :+61424200123. Resettlement Solution 2 Robert Speck Parkway. Suite 750, Mississauga ON L4Z 1H8, Canada

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 5. Do you offer post landing services?

Post landing services are facilities, offered to you once you land in your destination country. Ask for references of people who availed the post landing services and check the quality of the services.

Yes, we offer post landing service and that to for free.

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  6. How long you have been in the Industry? ( Show us the proof)

A few companies will claim to be working in the Industry from last decade or so. Ask them for company registration or the first visa grant under their representation. This will clarify if they are experienced enough to handle your case.

We have been into the industry for more than a decade and if you walk-in to our branches we can show you 10 or more years of healthy successful consultancy to our clients.

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  7. How are you different from other?

See what strengths this agent or company has as compared to other competitors in the market. This will help you decide which agent or company you need to hire.

The number one difference is, With resettlement solution you can actually talk to the migration agent.

2.) Our payment plans are very flexible.

3.) We offer free post landing services.

4.) Because we are from Canada and Australia. We can guide you with small things like your kid's admission or opening a bank account even before you land in that country.

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  8. What if my application is rejected?

Generally you will hear a common answer in the market- "we will refund your money". Offering refunds is not what will solve your rejection. Does your agent have the knowledge or registration to file a review for your file? Can they offer you alternates? Usually the unregistered agents will just leave you after the rejection as on first stage. They anyways are not representing you and second they do not have the access to case officers for negotiations.

1.) Resettlement Solution will make sure that your application is filed under the right category and using the latest software to make sure optimum level of professionalism is reflected in your case.

2.) Even if your case is rejected we have the authority to put a reassessment and argue with the assessing officer and get you a positive outcome.

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 9. Who will attest my documents?

A registered agent can attest your documents, If your agent is registered, he or she should be able to attest your documents. If they can not !They do not deserve your money.

Our Registered migration agent has the authority to attest your documents. Unlike, the unregistered agent in the market who can not attest your document.

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  10. Can you get some references from your clients ?

You, want to know the professional level of your agent, the turnaround time for document preparation and the service level they can offer.

Talk to the client and ask questions like total processing time it took, who represented the case, did you get to talk to the agent or did he/she (the agent) call you for document preparation?

These questions were prepared to protect the consumers in the immigration Industry, as we see several cases being misguided and rejected because of unregistered agent's fault.

These fly by night agents cheat clients by making tall promises like faster processing and job offers and then run away with client's monies.

Make sure you do proper check on licenses. A registered agent will not lie or make tall promises to clients as their contracts and work is constantly monitored by immigration department.

A registered agent cannot run away with your money. One can complain to the concerned embassy and get you the refund or justice.

Our facebook page, our google reviews page will show you how happy our customers are.

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