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resettlement solution Newfoundland Labrador

Newfoundland Labrador

Newfoundland Labrador lies to the extreme east of Canada toward the Atlantic region. Two islands Newfoundland and Labrador combine to the form the complete province with a total estimated area of 405, 212 sq km. The province’s population is approximately 526,704 (2013 census) with majority of them staying on Newfoundland island. English is the single-most use language in the area with almost 98% people using it as their mother tongue.

St. John’s is the capital city of NL and it is also the largest in the province. The climate type is wide ranging from cool summers to continental humid.

The province has a picked up economic growth since 2010, with capital inflow increasing to 23% and GDP reaching $28.1 billion as compared to $25 billion in 2009. The province has significant work opportunities in the service sector, health care, financial services and administration. Besides, other industries include oil, gas, mining and manufacturing.

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