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Quebec is the largest province of Canada by area, with predominantly French-speaking majority population. After Ontario, Quebec is second most populous province of Canada with an estimated population of more than 8 million (2014 census). Most of the province’s population stays in urban areas like Montreal and Quebec City or areas surrounding Saint Lawrence River. The majority of the people follow Christianity.

Quebec has a four-season climate ranging from cold & snow in winters to warm & humid during summers. The economy is largely dependent upon tourism, agriculture and fisheries. Agriculture remains the dominant employment and income generator; though the manufacturing sector is coming along quite well in the area. Quebec has approximately 70% cultivated land area with potatoes, berries, and vegetables leading the production business.

Quebec offers a program called PRIIME (the Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities) which help you link to the potential employers. With this program aimed at helping potential skilled immigrants; the employer receives a subsidy for hiring, training, support person’s salary and other integration costs. Besides, Quebec pluriel program helps you enter the labour market and provides support & advice from an experience mentor.

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