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Children Below 22 Years Considered Dependents in Canadian Immigration Application

The definition of dependent children has been updated for Canadian immigration application on 24th October 2017. The age for dependent children has been raised to 22 years. So now any children who is under the age of 22 and is not married or in any common law relationship can be included as a dependent child. This will be applicable for all principle applicants. There is also an exception introduced in this order which allows any physically/mentally disable child to continue as dependent even after the age of 22 years if they are financially dependents on their parents.

These changes have been made by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on 24th October. These changes will not be applicable on applications submitted after 1st August 2014 and before 24th October 2017 . These changes have been introduced to enhance family reunification efforts in Canada and to make Canada a desirable destination for skilled immigrants. This initiative clearly shows efforts of the government of Canada to encourage skilled immigration in the country.

Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has quoted “Raising the age of dependents lets more families stay together. This will bring economic and social gains to our country as it enhances our attractiveness as a destination of choice for immigrants and refugees” in this regard. However, these changes will allow more immigrants children to have the opportunity to move to Canada with their immigrant parents. This will also allow these children to pursue a quality Canadian education and to contribute in the Canadian labor market in future.

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