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About New South Wales

Australia is one of the most popular immigration and expat destinations in the world. With its pleasant weather, amazing job and career opportunities, and the juxtaposition of a variety of cultures, the country has become a hotbed of activity that has made potential immigrants around the world sit up and take notice. Among the six states and two mainland territories, New South Wales is one of the states you might consider moving to and acquiring an Australia Visa. It’s a state on the east coast of Australia and borders Queensland, Victoria and South Australia to the North, South, and West respectively.

● Population: Australia’s most populous state, the state of New South Wales has a population of just above eight million. About two-thirds of the inhabitants (known as New South Welshmen) reside in the Greater Sydney Area. Sydney is thus the most populated city in Australia, serving as an economic and cultural epicenter. The demographics of the state are a highly varied one, with people having parents hailing from all parts of the globe. Nearly a quarter of the population call a language other than English their native mother tongue.

● Weather: The biggest cities of the state of New South Wales-Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle lie along a coastal strip that extends towards the cool temperate areas on the far south coast. The climate along the coast east plain ranges from humid subtropical in the northern half of the state (right above Wollongong) to oceanic in the southern regions. In the southern half of the state, the weather is generally warm to hot in summer and cool in the winter. The northern tablelands, on the other hand, don’t have such a stark difference in seasons; all of the seasons just blend together as they are all mildly cool or hot. This is due to the high elevation of the region. When the elevation increases even further, snowfall becomes common, occurring as far up as the Queensland border.

● Industries: The state of New South Wales has gone a rapid transformation, rising from a steel and shipbuilding-based economy into one that is dominated by Information Technology and financial services (mostly based out of Sydney). The biggest export of the state is coal and related products. Also, Tourism has risen, employing about seven percent of the workforce, and having an output of about five times the export of coal. The state also has a fairly rigorous agricultural scene. For further queries regarding what job to seek and in which industry, it is best to employ the help of migration agents for Australia. Having a high paying job that makes you happy eventually leads to a lower permanent residency Australia cost.

● Culture: The state of New South Wales has an immensely vibrant culture. It is home to various cultural institutions, like a Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Opera House, The Powerhouse of Sydney, The Museum of Contemporary Art, to name a few. The state of New South Wales provides all you need to have a prosperous life, be it opportunities, culture or pleasant weather. It is thus an attractive destination for immigrants from all over the world who want to settle and start a new life.


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