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About South Australia

South Australia is one of the six states in Australia covering south-central part of the country. It is the fourth largest state and fifth largest by population. It shares borders with other mainland states namely Western Australia from the west, Northern Territory from the north, Queensland from north-east, New South Wales from the east, Victoria from the south-east and the Great Australian Bight from the south. The state is home to mesmerizing beaches, extended summer, and award-winning wine. It has some of the World’s best Universities and residential properties are available at an affordable price as compared to rates offered at other mainland capital cities. Furthermore, the state hosts grand music and sports events. Capital of the state, Adelaide organizes the largest Fringe Festival in the southern hemisphere and the central market is its main highlight.

● Population: South Australia has a population of 1.7 million people amongst which, 77% reside in its capital, Adelaide or its surrounding area. The rest of the population has found a home in fertile areas of the country like the south-eastern coast and River Murray. The state constitutes of around 8% of the total population of Australia. However, the growth rate of the population in this state is very slow as compared to other states and territories. South Australia’s population growth is 0.7% i.e. less than 50% of the national average. One of the key reasons behind this is the high unemployment rate.

● Climate: South Australia is the driest state amongst all the states of the country. Only one-fifth of the area receives annual precipitation and higher rainfall takes place along the southern coast and ranges in north-south. The Southern coastal zone is claimed to have a Mediterranean climate along with hot & dry summers and cool & wet winters. The state is dominated by two kinds of weather from north and south and resultant you might experience sharp temperature contrasts at times. However, the state is free from drastic weather events such as violent storms, flood but its land is not spared from droughts.

● Industries: Primary industries of South Australia constitutes of wheat, meat, wine, wool, sheepskin, machinery, metal and its manufacturing, fish, vehicles and its parts, and petroleum products. Industries like education and defence technology are gradually growing. The export industry is also a billion-dollar industry in South Australia. In 2006-2007 the manufacturing sector gave maximum employment, however, now healthcare and social assistance have taken it over. A small portion of the workforce is dedicated to the primary sector including. farming, forestry, fishing, and mining. There is a scope of employment in construction, sales, education, finance, administration, and more.

● Culture: The art scene in South Australia is unique and thriving. It has also won the title of ‘The Festival State’ due to being home to a plethora of art-house collection, and organizer of open-air community arts activities & gastronomic festival. It also has amazing marine life, scrumptious food and wine for those who seek permanent residency in Australia. Culturally speaking the natives of South Australia is liberate, relaxed and accessible. On top of it, migrants have always brought something unique and worth enjoying in the name of culture on South Australia’s table.

If you are planning to migrate to South Australia we will suggest you to seek advice from Australia immigration consultants or migration agents registration authority. They come as a handy resource for immigrants exploring their options in the state.


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