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About Victoria

Australia is a destination for people from all over the world to travel and settle. It is a potpourri of cultures, all of them edifying to a person who has not been smitten with them before. It has six states, each one serving to the needs and preferences of a potential immigration candidate who wants to settle and work. All of them have a wide range of comforts and quirks, which become an essential part of you as you live there. Among the six states, the state of Victoria might be one you may consider moving to for a new life in the land of kangaroos through your Australia visa application. The state is bordered by the Bass Strait and Tasmania, New South Wales, and the Tasman Sea to the south, north, and west respectively. Some of the deciding points you may want to consider about the state are listed below:

● Population: Apart from being Australia’s smallest mainland state, Victoria is the second most populous one, which makes it the country’s most densely populated state. Almost all of its population is concentrated in the area near the Port Phillip Bay. This area also includes the city of Melbourne, which is the state’s capital city and the second-largest city of the country. The state also has a relatively significant aboriginal population, comprising about one percent of the total population of the state. In Melbourne, about two-thirds of residents are Australia born, while in the rural regions this figure goes up to 95 percent. The non-Australia originate population comprises of a wave of migrants from southern and eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

● Weather: Despite its small size, the state of Victoria has quite a varied climate. In the north-west, it is semi-arid temperate with hot summers, while it is temperate and cool along the coast. The Great Dividing Range helps produce a cooler climate in the center of the region. The southern location of the state ensures it has a cooler and moister climate than the other territories. This is in part due to air from the Southern Ocean. The weather is something you must endure all year long and is something that you cannot change. That is why you must consider it before applying for an Australia Visa.

● Industries: After the state of New South Wales, Victoria is the second-largest economy in Australia. It accounts for about one-fourth of the Gross Domestic Product of the nation. The largest income-producing sector in the state is Finance and Insurance, with healthcare and social assistance following at a close second. Earlier, the economy was dominated by manufacturing but that has been dethroned over the past decades by the service industry, owing to the large population. It also goes hand in hand with a booming tourist industry. If you want to settle in Victoria, looking for a job that suits your interest goes hand in hand in applying for a working visa in Australia.

● Culture: The city of Melbourne is home to many museums, theatres and art galleries that keep a culture of art and appreciation thriving. It is also a host to the world-renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is not only the largest stadium in Australia but in the Southern Hemisphere.

The State of Victoria is one of the most attractive ones when it comes to settling in Australia. Apart from the above-mentioned points, you may want to consider consulting Australia immigration consultants.


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