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About Western Australia

The continent country of Australia has become a renowned destination for immigrants around the world to settle and start a new life with the help of an Australia Visa. Its six states have something for everyone; suiting various job profile requirements and other criteria. One of the six states is Western Australia, a sprawling state that covers almost the whole western third of Australia. It is bound by the Southern Ocean, the Northern Territory, the Indian Ocean and South Australia in the South, North-East, North, and South-East respectively. Various factors to help you decide if this is the state for you are listed below:

● Population: The state of Western Australia is the largest state in the country. It also happens to be the second-largest country subdivision in the world. It is home to about two and a half million inhabitants, which constitute about a tenth of the national total. However, most (about eighty percent) of the population is concentrated in the metropolitan area of the state's capital, Perth. While immigrant diversity is not as much as the other states, Western Australia is home to the largest British immigrant population in Australia, leading to British born people making up about 10 percent of the state population. For further information regarding the state population and how they may suit you, be sure to consult Australia immigration consultants.

● Weather: Along the northern coast of Western Australia, the weather is pleasant from April to September (in the dry period). When the weather gets a little moist (in the rainy reason) the humidity skyrockets due to proximity to the ocean. In seaside's towns like Broome, the temperature difference between day and night is not stark and is thus relatively mild. In the central region, however, the weather is very dry and comparatively unpleasant, with very low humidity and rainfall to balance out the heat. In the southern coastal regions, the weather is the Mediterranean, with dry and arid summers and mild rainy winters.

● Industries: A majority of the economy of the state of Western Australia is driven by mining and extraction of a wide range of minerals and petroleum-based products. As a consequence, the state accounts for nearly half of Australia's energy-based exports. This combined with the state's relatively small population has led to the Gross State per person being higher than any other Australian state. This indicates a good quality of life. Moreover, diversification has led to industries like finance, insurance, property services and construction blooming over the past years. Another plus is that the boom in resource related jobs has led to a demand for skilled job workers, leading to a job vacuum waiting to be filled by overseas immigrants. South of Perth, the industrial area of Kwinana is home to the nation's largest oil mine.

Choosing a state to move to with an Australian Visa is not something that can or should be decided quickly. You must go over it with extensive thought and consideration and may employ the help of Australia immigration consultants for the same.


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