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Canada ranks as the world’s second largest country in terms of land area, though it is comparatively smaller in terms of population. With parliamentary democracy designed on the pattern of Britain and a strong economy; Canada has a lot to offer to its citizens and expats coming from abroad. The UN annual Human Development Index has routinely given highest rank to Canada by taking into account various parameters including quality of school education, job opportunities, citizens’ safety, medical facilities, cost of living and life expectancy.

In addition to a strong economy and an economic freedom score of 80 (sixth best in the world), Canada is also known for its cultural autonomy. It has provided official language status to both English and French and both are widely spoken. Moreover, people of Canada boast of both – modern cities and enthralling countryside, making it one of the most livable countries in the world.

Immigrants’ Backgrounds

Among other people from the foreign land, Europeans started settling in Canada in the 17th century. Since then, it has remained extremely popular with expats from both the UK and France due to its European links. Canada is equally popular destination with the US expats as well, largely due to socio-economic similarities within both countries. Besides, numerous people from South Asia, especially from India and China, have made Canada their second home. Between 2006 and 2011 the South Asian population in Canada has risen by 33%.

Why people choose Canada?

Canada offers easy jobs and an extremely well-defined education, medical and housing system to adjust to. Teaching , finance, IT, manufacturing, hospitality and textile industries are the leading employment segments. Since Canada follows strong economic policies, there is a great demand for expats in process management, project management and engineering as well. Over the last few decades, Canada has been able to accommodate more immigrants from across the globe than any other developed nation due its strong, yet open and transparent federal system. Its government has been prompt in recognizing the importance of skilled immigrant work force and encourages their employment for the growth of the economy.

Healthcare in Canada

Canadian healthcare systemis one of the most unique systems in the world, and is administered on a territorial basis. All the citizens, irrespective of income, living standard or medical history, are provided coverage under socialized healthcare plans for preventive care and treatment of diseases. Owing to these strong healthcare facilities, Canada has one of the lowest infant mortality rates and highest life expectancy rate (about 80 years) in the world today.

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