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I am eligible to apply skilled visa to canada kuwait

Canada is known for its fairly transparent and liberal immigration policy which focuses on fuelling its and finding people who have skills to fulfill its economic requirements. This is the reason that since 2008; Canada has been giving thrust on getting skilled immigrants who can fill both long term and short term gaps in its labor requirements. Each year Canada accepts about 3, 00,000 permanent residents PR visa in all categories.

In an effort to make such a structure fair, the Canadian government has devised a very robust point system which is used for selecting skilled workers as permanent residents of Canada. According to CIC, Skilled workers are people who are selected as permanent residents based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. The point system allows people with certain work and education backgrounds get integrated into the Canadian society, irrespective of the job positions present at that time.

Once an applicant meets the basic minimum requirements, his/her application is then processed as per the six selection points system. The applicants are required to obtain at least 67 points out of 100 possible point categories on the selection grid to qualify for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker. If the score is lower than the minimum criteria; the applicant is no longer allowed to participate in the immigration process. The six point selection criteria and the maximum number of points available for each are given below:


It has maximum 25 points and minimum 5. A person with a master s degree or a Ph.D. or at least 17 years of full-time study can earn maximum points. A high school pass out can earn 5 points from the system.


It has maximum limit of 24 points, which can be awarded to an applicant with high proficiency in English (I.E.L.T.S) and French (T.E.F). All the applicants are tested through written and oral test for high, moderate and basic proficiency in both these languages for awarding points.


A maximum of 21 points are awarded in this category. 4 years or more in an approved occupation raises the chance of getting more points. A deduction of 2 points is done for each year less than 4, though an applicant can still earn a minimum number of 15 points with at least one year of experience.


A maximum of 10 points are awarded to persons between 21 and 49 years of age. A deduction of 2 points is done for persons outside this range for each year.

Arranged employment:

A person can score 10 points straight away if they have a permanent job offer, confirmed by the Canadian Skills Development and Human Resource Department.


A person can be awarded 10 additional points for education of spouse, previous work experience or family in Canada.

Factors Discription Points
Education University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal 25 points
University degree at the Master’s level or equal 23 points
Two or more post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal 22 points
Post-secondary degree or diploma for a program of 3 years or longer 21 points
Post-secondary degree or diploma for a two-year program, or equal 19 points
Post-secondary degree or diploma for a one-year program, or equal 15 points
Canadian high school diploma 5 points
 Age 18-35 12 points
36 11 points
37 10 points
38 9 points
39 8 points
40 7 points
41 6 points
42 5 points
43 4 points
44 3 points
45 2 points
46 1 points
47 0 points
Experience   1 Year 9 points
2 – 3 Years 11 points
4-5 Years 13 points
6 or more years 15 points
Adaptability   Partner language (4 each) 5 points
Study in Canada 5 points
Partner Study in Canada 5 points
Work in Canada 10 points
Partner work in Canada 5 points
Arranged employment in Canada 5 points
Relatives in Canada 5 points


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