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Canada has been one of the most sought after immigration destination for skilled professional and investors over the years. Canada immigration has risen steadily and has been equally attractive for those interested in permanent resident status. People who are interested to migrate to Canada consider it as good an option as the United States and Skilled visa to Canada is finding many takers among IT, finance, medical, management, accounting and other skills which are required to meet demand in Canada’s economy. Canada immigration authorities are targeting to admit more than 1 million immigrants in their country by the end of year 2021.

Canadian residency allows an applicant to stay in Canada with his family and also take all social welfare benefits like quality education, world-class healthcare and to go with you have advanced infrastructure, great environment, diverse society and a stable economy.

Since express entry system has been introduced in 2015 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) the emigrating to Canada has become very streamlined and quite organized. Even the number of invites for applicants has also gone up with each passing year. Express entry scheme has really helped cut down the long waitlist that immigration hopefuls had to endure earlier. Now, the online application has made the process more transparent and objective.

The IRCC has stressed on the need to bring entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors to Canada and immersed them with Canada economy and market. The Canada investor visa program is mainly aimed at creating of more jobs in economy and stimulates job growth for local workers for respective provinces and cities.

As an economy, Canada is growing steadily and maintains a low inflation. The size of Canada economy is expected to cross $2100 billion mark in 2020 and immigrants are driving force behind the economic progress of Canada. There is paucity of skilled workers in Canada and also many provinces, remote areas and rural regions see lesser business activity and absence of workforce, therefore, skilled worker Canada list invites application to fill requirement in their domestic economy.

Based on latest report, it is estimated that more than 18% of all positions for immigrant workers in Canada is available for experienced professional from Software, IT and ITeS sector. Finance, management, administration, auditing, marketing and advertising are few other occupations which have great demand.

Through its express entry system, Canada invites applicants under three categories – Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. An applicant is first expected to get his education credential evaluated, produce all their relevant qualification certificates and references and prove their language proficiency in English and/or French language.

Applicants are further sub-divided within category of your choosing depending upon the work experience you have. After your application is submitted you are eligible for express entry draw held every month and upon selection you can complete your online profile within 60 days and wait for final decision from IRCC.

Your chances of getting selected in express entry program depends more on your age, qualification, work experience and language capability. So it is better to start early and work on your candidate profile continuously, a PhD program will get you more weightage than a Master’s program qualification. Similarly, younger the applicant with at least 5 years of experience has a really good chance to get selected.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is also a good option for people who feel they are at disadvantage in express entry scheme and you can apply through express entry scheme in a particular province or using non-express entry scheme using paper based application to the particular province. Even the semi-skilled workers, students and businessmen can apply under PNP program.

Several Canadian provinces and union territories have their own respective immigration programs. Provinces have been bringing their own separate immigration rules and program to suit their job market requirements and economic conditions.

An applicant is required to produce a medical certificate and a police clearance certificate while applying for immigration. It is important to register yourself with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) job bank and look for job opportunities matching your skill set. A job offer from a Canadian employer really increases your chances to turn an invite into an offer.

It is very important that you have sufficient bank balance in your account when you file your application to immigrate to Canada. It is advisable those who are going to job hunt should keep funds to finance their expenses for 6 months of stay.

Alternatively, students who take up any University program in Canada have a good chance to get a job in Canada and later they can extend their stay and have an opportunity to become permanent resident.

Canada provides many opportunities for immigrants; however, you must be aware of how to take good advantage of it by preparing yourself to suit Canadian weather, work culture, job market and relevant expenses. The weather in Canada is mostly cold and if you are immigrating from a warm part of the world then make arrangement for the same. Canadian work culture values Canadian experience the most, so make your best offer to land a job in Canada even before you apply under express entry or PNP program.

It is advisable to make arrangements for your living expenses in first few months of stay in Canada. If you do not have a job offer beforehand then move alone for initial phase and bring your family after you start working. If you are married, then both you and your spouse can make efforts to land job using ESDC job bank.

The work culture in Canada depends mostly on people to people contacts so do a lot of contact building and reach out to people before your even move to Canada. This would hold you in good stead when you land there finally.

Canadian work culture has very few instances of job hopping and therefore people work together for long period of time and stick to one company. Stability and longevity of your tenure is rated very highly.

It is common place for people in Canada to go for outdoor activities and people love to indulge in outdoor activities and adventure sports in Canada.

The living costs in Canada may vary from province to province and city to city, hence, make likewise changes in your accommodation and other expenses.

As a Canada migration agency, Resettlement Solution takes pride in being registered entity immigration with Canadian immigration authorities and has had a strong decade-long track record of helping thousands of immigration aspirants to live and settle with their families in Canada.

We believe in helping applicants at each stage of their application process and guide them with the all the documentation work involved in application process. We do understand the need to be proactive during the application process and provide useful inputs and important updates to all candidates until the final decision is out.

As Canada visa consultant, Resettlement Solution would be happy to help you succeed and immigrate to Canada successfully. To get your profile assessed and find answers to any query you have regarding Canada immigration process please get in touch with our team.