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Skill Assessment.

In order to apply for General Skill Migration Visa, you need to undergo the skill assessment process.

This is an assessment of your overseas experience and qualification. Your education credentials are weighed against Australian qualification framework.

You need to be assessed positive in both your academics and work experience criteria to be eligible to apply for the Australian skill migration visa.

This assessment is done by a institution (body) in Australia appointed by the immigration department in Australia.

Depending upon your occupation, one is routed to a suitable body. Various bodies have their own conditions which needs to be fulfilled in order to be assessed positive.

Some ask you to write reports, some may ask for an advance English level and a few even ask you to come to Australia and complete a short term course.

Usually these assessment are completed in 3-4 months and you may pay to get priority service in some cases. The fee ranges from A$500 to A$2500 (approx. ) depending upon your profession.

This assessment is a way to gauge your eligibility to be employed in Australia in your field of work. To make sure that you qualify this initial step, you have to carefully choose the occupation you are related to.

We at resettlement Solution can help you choose the correct assessment body, which will save your time and money. We will make sure that your documents are presented to the assessor to get positive assessment.

This gets very confusing, when filing alone, one needs to make sure all the right buttons are clicked while applying for an assessment, one wrong or misleading information can lead to life time ban from applying.

We have a nearly 90% success rate with our assessment results.

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