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Skill Select and EOI

Under the Australian visa system the applicant has to lodge an Expression of interest (also called EOI) in the skill select system to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Candidates express their interest to live in Australia permanently via an online application for themselves and dependant family members.

There are a number of prerequisites, you would need to mention in EOI like:

1. Bio data (personal information)
2. Education level.
3. Experience (number of years)
4. Skills assessment details.
5. English level. (test reports)

The EOIs once lodged, enters a pool of applications. Invitations are given to 65 points and higher based upon Merits of participating entrants.

Getting an Invitation means that you have 60 days to prove your claims made under your EOI plus pass a Medical test and character test (police clearances ).

Your EOI application is removed from the system if you do not respond to 2 simultaneous invitations.

The other ways to get an invite is by receiving sponsorship by an eligible relative or by a state sponsoring body.

It is very important for you to give the correct information in your EOI as after the invitation applicant is required to prove all those claims made and failure to do so can result in a refusal and at times a ban.

You can book an appointment with our experts to know if your qualify for sponsorship or lodging a valid EOI. We can help you assess your case and derive an effortless process for you with minimal cost.

UNDER 189, 190, 489 and 491.

You can be in Australia or outside Australia (offshore), while applying this visa. Once this visa is granted you need to enter Australia before the expiry of entry date on the visa.

This visa lets you live in Australia permanently with full work rights.