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Student Visa Australia

Australia is known for it’s pristine beauty and multiculturism. It is also an Education Hub because Australian degrees are not only highly recognised, rather cost less than it’s rivalries.

Millions of tourist and students get attracted to down under because of the awesome weather and quality lifestyle.

Australia also gets ranked as top 10 countries to live in.

The world class Australian Education system not only prepares the students for Global competition, it also gives them the opportunity to maybe stay back as a permanent resident.

Australia has 43 Universities offering you wide variety of courses and universities to choose from. The low tuition fee makes Australian student visa a wise choice when compare with USA,UK and other popular destinations.

Not to forget the vast choice one has in VET education sector and English Language Schools one can attend.

We at Resettlement Solution are an Australian company and have over 15 years of experience in connecting international students to Australian education institutes. Thanks to the Globalization, studying abroad is not that difficult as it use to be. As a result it opens a lot for doors for parents and students to choose from.

Hence the wide variety of countries and courses to choose from, leads to confusion. We will guide you with the right course in Australia and compare the benefits.

To study in Australia you would be required to apply a Subclass 500 visa.

To be granted the 500 visa you have to satisfy the department of immigration in Australia that you have sufficient funds, English language skills , medical insurance and justify any gaps along with a statement of purpose that you have a true desire to study in Australia.

You will require the following documents for a Subclass 500 visa application.
1. Latest visa application forms.
2. COE Confirmation of Enrolment.
3. Sufficient funds to cover your air fare, tuition fee and living cost.
4. If you are supported by an employer or a bank via loan. (letters to prove the grants )
5. A valid passport.
6. English language test report.
7. Certified Translation for any document which is not in English.

If you are keen to Study in Australia, we can help you to firstly choose a course as per your budget and other preferences. Further we will prepare your documentation, and prepare you for the new life, so that you can apply for the visa with confidence and be successful in your new life.

List Of Universities in Australia

You can contact our expert counsellors to guide you to fulfil your dream to Study overseas.