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Visitor Visa

The aim of Australia's visitor program is to assist the entry of genuine tourists and family visitors. You can apply to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities such as a holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives or friends or other short-term non-work purposes. If your intention is not to work during your stay, you may very well apply for visitor visa. You are also able to undertake short-term study providing this study does not exceed 3 months.

If you are applying for your visa overseas, you should apply for the full period you intend to visit Australia. You should not assume that any changes to your stay period can be made after your arrival in Australia. A further stay visa in Australia cannot be guaranteed.

You can choose one of the following categories:

  • Short Stay Visitor - allows you stay in Australia for 3 months or less
  • Long Stay Visitor - generally allows you stay in Australia for more than 3 months, usually 6 months. There can be exceptions in certain circumstances, for instance, in respect to aged parents visiting children (up to 1 year stay) or parent caring for young child while involved in formal studies.
  • Medical Treatment - allows you stay in Australia for either elective or emergency medical treatment. You can choose Short Stay Medical Treatment visa (up to 3 months) or Long Stay Medical Treatment visa (more than 3 months).

While some individuals may need to meet health requirements for a stay of less than 3 months, in general only those applying for a stay of more than 3 months will require health assessment.

Depending on your intended activities in Australia, your country of citizenship, and the length of time you intend staying in Australia you can apply for :

  • a) Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor)
  • b) Tourist visa
  • c) Sponsored Family Visitor visa

Visa validity and Conditions

Visitors to Australia must be willing and able to abide by the visa validity and conditions while in Australia. If you do not abide by the visa validity and conditions, your visa may be cancelled or you may be subject to other penalties. If you have any questions or concerns about your visa validity and conditions, you should contact the office that granted the visa before traveling to Australia.

You can find information about the validity and conditions of your visa on the visa label in your passport or on the letter advising you of the grant of your visa. If you do not have a letter, such as some visitors coming to Australia under the Approved Destination Status Scheme, and/or you have a visa which does not have a label, you can find out which conditions apply to your visa, and what these conditions mean, by going to the Online Visa Enquiry Service. You will need your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) to obtain this information. If you do not remember your TRN you may request this from the Online Visa Enquiry Service.

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Immigration and visas are very complicated in their process itself, I recommend that one gets professional advice, and almost all the countries have registered migration agents like MARA in Australia, IAA in New Zealand and ICCRC in Canada. Only deal with registered guys, they do not lie and steal.


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